An unparalleled approach to commercial growth

Innovative Venture Partners is a venture capital, private equity, and consulting platform, connecting privately owned and publicly traded companies with the appropriate investment, management, resources, and direction.

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Facilitating financial prosperity across various marketplaces

IVP keeps a core focus on strong executive management teams, entrepreneurial spirit, and the fundamental elements that comprise today’s most successful organizations.

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A meticulous due diligence process

Innovative Venture Partners is dedicated to providing the appropriate leadership, core guidance, and capital for businesses of all shapes, sectors, and sizes, committed to building industry leading companies. With a meticulous due diligence process and unique methodology, we endow key components that create the foundation for inevitable success.

Propelling partners into the future

Innovative Venture Partners has coupled aspects from both early-stage and mid-stage strategies to pursue growth oriented transactions among companies that have depicted industrial strength. We have a unique understanding of the technologies we pursue for investment, and deploy company specific management techniques to establish the infrastructure necessary to propel our partners into the future. This very specific market approach enables our portfolio companies to reach their potential by adjusting their equity structures, building the proper management, and maximizing market share.

Investment Criteria

Innovative Venture Partners facilitates Early-Stage funding in the range of $2.5 million - $10 million, and Mid-Stage funding in the range of $20 million to $50 million. Investments typically occur alongside other investors/affiliate funding partners and we give consideration to both lead and co-investment opportunities, which meet the following criteria:

Technical Expertise

Prospect of Intellectual Property

Proprietary Technology

Global Market Potential

Experienced Core Management Team

Geographic Focus

New York
New Jersey